Learn at your own pace.

From private tuition, Jr and Adult group sessions to even paddle board Yoga, we have something for everyone.

Craft, Paddle, and Buoyancy Aid provided for all booking options.


SUP Yoga With Adrianne: At Indyoga
Price £30pp
Duration 90min

Stand up paddle boarding and SUP Yoga is a wonderfully energising session on your stand up paddle board. Where fun meets challenge, with moments of calm and relaxation. If you enjoy water sports and/or Yoga, wish to be surrounded by nature, become centred in mind & body and enjoy movement on your board then this is definitely for you!

A great way to connect to nature and increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and core, improve balance, posture, co-ordination and stamina.



Beginners 1:1 Closed Cockpit Kayak session:
Price £65
Duration 120min

With increased speed and manoeuvrability CCK requires discipline and proficient paddling techniques. Perfect for someone wanting to take the next step up from a Sit On Top kayak.

Covering everything from body position to advanced paddle technique’s, this booking option requires no previous experience.



Private 1:1 SUP/Kayak session:
Price £60
Duration 120min

With 1:1 tutoring, we are able tailor the session to your individual learning preferences and needs, so you can progress at your own pace without the added pressure of a group dynamic.



Private Group SUP/Kayak Session:
Price £45pp
Duration 120min

Fancy a paddle with just a group of friends or family? If so then this booking option is for you. It’s  a great way to unwind and spend quality time with the ones you love. Always guaranteed to bring some laughs and challenges.



Adult Group SUP/Kayak Session:
Price £30pp
Duration 120min

With no experience needed, our Adult group sessions are a great way to socialise and connect with like minded people. With 8 spaces per group, these lessons are a fun and light hearted way to learn a new discipline.



Junior Group SUP/Kayak Session:
Price £30pp
Duration 120min

With technology being such a prominent part of children’s life’s our Junior group sessions are a great way for kids to socialise, stay active and engage in outdoor activities. Why not get some friends together in the school holidays and let the fun begin.



Mixed Family Group Session:
Price £25pp
Duration 120mins

A healthy and productive activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

With the added option of choosing both kayaks and paddleboards, this booking option is great way for the family to try both disciplines.




Get On The Waters!

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