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Knaresborough:CalmWater Bay

Simply stunning!
Tucked away surrounded by trees this privately owned lake is a hidden gem!

With easy access to the water, parking and toilet facilities, Calm Water Bay provides a stunning backdrop for our Paddle Board Yoga sessions.

Unfortunately 75% of Uk Rivers now pose a serious risk to human health. This can often make trying new techniques a nerve racking experience.
With no water pollution Calm Water Bay is safe and serene location where you can practice your paddle techniques without having to worry about the consequences of taking the occasional dip.

It happens!




Rodley:Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Built between 1770-1816 stretching 127 miles The Leeds & Liverpool Canal is the longest continuous Canal in Great Britain.

Under the protection of The Canal & River Trust this beautiful and quiet section of the Canal is home to a surprisingly vast array of wildlife including Herons, Parakeets and even the occasional Terrapin Turtle sighting.

With a depth of 4-6ft the Canal can be a great way to build water confidence before moving onto deeper faster flowing Rivers. With the popular Tiny Tea Room Cafe Canal side you can paddle and then treat yourself to a slice of cake. Win win!




Wetherby:River Wharfe

With resistance heading up River towards Collingham and the flow assisting you on the way back down this stretch of the Wharfe is the perfect playground for beginners wanting to try out moving water.

Otters and Kingfishers make this location popular with wildlife photographers and walking groups.

With fields on both sides a mile up River the still silence provides a well needed break from the noise of everyday life.


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