What we teach

Kayaking in Yorkshire


We offer a range of opportunities to learn Kayaking in Yorkshire. From a simple couple of hours out Kayaking for fun, all the way through to technical paddling and planned sessions. It gets very addictive!

We use a variety of kayaks:

Sit On Tops: Suitable for entry level kayaking and for those who may feel more anxious in a closed cockpit;

Closed Cockpits: There are a wide range of kayaks available. Using spray decks we can teach you the necessary skills to take your paddling to the next level. Suitable for all ages, these can be used for white water or touring. The difference in techniques and style of kayak can be considered once we know your aims and preference.

Sea Kayaks: This super discipline can take you on breath taking journeys around our beautiful coastline. Sea Kayaks are longer and more streamlined, allowing a faster and more reactive paddling style.

Trip Planning and training: Whether you’re planning a Coast to Coast or an unforgettable journey on the Great Glen Canoe Trail, we can help with your preparation. Looking at the best craft for your trip, kit requirements, paddling techniques and nutrition. Plans tailored to suit your needs and time schedule.

Children’s Sessions: With many educational groups using our services, you can be sure we are on the water everyday Monday to Friday to help introduce children to this amazing activity. Supported paddles are also available for those who may need more physical and mental health support. Please contact us to discuss further.

Rolling Clinics and Rescues: Rolling clinics can be held in a number of locations and at a time to suit. By breaking the roll down into the core elements we will support you with the positioning and technique required to perform a roll with confidence.

Paddle Parties: These group sessions have become very popular. Whether it’s for a family day, corporate team building or birthday parties, there is so much fun to be had on the water. Location and duration can be discussed to suit you needs.


Paddleboarding in Yorkshire


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) here in Yorkshire is growing more and more popular. We have a range of sessions available, and equipment that you can use. So if you’re looking to give Stand Up Paddleboarding a try, feel free to get in touch!

Canoeing in Yorkshire


From the first hollowed out tree trunks many hundreds of years ago, to today’s carbon, ultra light canoes, people have paddled, and often transported goods in these traditional style canoes. We offer a range of services for learning to canoe in Yorkshire.

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