Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in Yorkshire

Stand up paddle boarding in Yorkshire

Stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, to the casual observer, is something akin to a large surfboard that you paddle. People have paddled in this way again for generations, and the popularity of this paddle sport has rocketed more recently, here in Yorkshire and beyond, with the affordability of quality inflatable paddle boards.

This often appeals to those keen to get into paddle sports, but don’t have the storage or ability to easily transport a more traditional rigid boat. Often, these can fit into a large bag, be inflated by hand, and as long as you have a paddle, and a decent personal flotation device, you are away!

We again have access to a number of these, and related safety equipment, and give instruction on how to use them, and don’t worry, you don’t have to stand up, kneeling is fine!

Here’s a list of stand up paddle board (SUP) sessions we offer here in Yorkshire:

  • Beginners paddle board lessons
  • Paddle board safety
  • Paddle board self rescue
  • Family paddle board sessions

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