Learn To Paddle


From Kayaking to Paddle Boarding, we here at 'Learn to Paddle' offer lessons from beginner to expert. The beautiful lakes and rivers that we use for sessions, can be found all across Yorkshire, so you're never far away from beginning your paddle journey!


Our range of expertise is vast. We can get you started with lessons in the basics of canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. We can help you improve your techniques if you're already experienced. We can give you safety guidance and much more! Get in touch and we'll see how we can help!


As well as kayak, and paddle board lessons, 'Learn to Paddle' works closely with 'Black Dog Outdoors'; a charity led by a dedicated team of volunteers who work to promote outdoor activities - like kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, walking - to improve mental health.

I had been struggling with my roll for ages, Lynne broke the roll down into several parts. Within 45 minutes I had managed to roll with a paddle float in one continuous motion.


I always wanted to kayak and I was quite nervous until I met Lynne. Thoroughly recommend anyone who has always wanted to learn how to kayak/paddle to contact Lynne as you will feel safe and at ease, as well as learn a lot. 5/5


Lynne’s comments and tips to improve my paddling had an immediate effect. Lynne has a knack of making you feel at ease, and also making you feel like you are totally responsible for your progress, when it's more than 50% her! I'll be having many more lessons with Lynne.


Amazing patience and quiet confidence gave my 3 children (2 with SN) the confidence to enjoy the river. We often find activities are not possible because of the needs particularly of our youngest child, Lynne worked with her, gained her trust and even got her talking which is not something many people can do on their first meeting.


Had a fantastic time on the river with Lynne. She was patient, fun, kind and very skilled and the children had a blast! So did the adults. Will definitely do this again and highly recommend this to all.



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