Kayaking in Yorkshire

kayaking in Yorkshire is growing in popularity! A Kayak is something you sit inside or on top of (referred to as a “sit on top”) and is usually paddled with a double bladed paddle. These are derived from the types of craft used for hundreds of years in places like Greenland.

We have a number of different craft available, including nice wide (for stability) sit on top kayaks that are easy for beginners.

We can simply meet you, or a group for a couple of hours of fun kayaking in Yorkshire, where I provide all of the kit, or we can start having sessions where we have a plan of progression to technical paddling. (It’s very addictive!) Often, the informal fun sessions lead to my clients investing in kit and booking some coaching lessons!


Here’s a list of sessions we offer for Kayaking in Yorkshire:

  • Beginners Kayak lessons
  • Kayak safety
  • Intermediate kayak lessons
  • Kayak self rescue
  • Sea kayaking
  • Sea kayaking navigation
  • Sea kayaking safety
  • Family kayaking sessions
  • Kayaking taster sessions

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