Canoeing in Yorkshire

Canoeing in Yorkshire

Canoeing in Yorkshire is such great fun. In fact, canoeing is what many people first think of when trying to picture paddling down a river. Canoeing of course is not a recent invention, From the first hollowed out tree trunks many hundreds of years ago, to today’s carbon, ultra light canoes, people have paddled, and often transported goods in these traditional style canoes.

For recreational use, these can vary in size from single person, up to a family of four, and are usually paddled with a single bladed paddle.

We can show you the techniques required to feel comfortable in the water, steer, turn and even go sideways!

Here is a list of canoeing sessions we offer here in Yorkshire:

  • Beginners canoe lessons
  • Canoe safety
  • Paddle technique
  • Intermediate canoe lessons
  • Advanced canoe lessons
  • Canoe self rescue
  • Family canoe sessions
  • Canoe taster sessions

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